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A proposition player, usually referred to by the shorthand word prop, is an employee of a casino whose job is to play in poker games as directed by the floorman, ... Playing Cards Is Tough Work for 'Props' : Casinos: Clubs pay ... Jan 31, 1993 ... Playing Cards Is Tough Work for 'Props' : Casinos: Clubs pay proposition players to keep poker games going. It sounds like a gambler's dream, ... A Look Inside the World of Prop Poker Players « Poker Practice Blog One job within the poker industry that sounds awesome is that of a proposition player. As some people know, prop players earn an hourly wage from casinos to  ... “Prop” poker players paid to bet at Colo. casinos – The Denver Post Aug 2, 2013 ... Rhodes gets paid by casinos to play poker. Every day, his paycheck is on the line , though. Rhodes and other “proposition” or “prop” players ...

My brother asked me how to become a poker prop player, which is a person hired by a casino to start games and keep games going. I asked my husband, Robert Turner, who has managed props at several ...

Lots of Prop Players - Capitol Casino Poker Room Review by I'd like to play this room more as it's in downtown Sac, but the shear number of props in these games is really annoying. Not only that but the props are all buddies so they soft play each other. So if you get stuck at the must move game with a few of them they won't play a real pot unless it's against a non prop.

Poker Player Wins Insane Bathroom Isolation Prop Bet For $62K After ...

A proposition player (or prop) is a player who is paid by the house to start up new games and keep existing games going, while encouraging a friendly atmosphere among the players. Prop Master app for ios – Review & Download .IPA file Prop Master keeps track of multiple players playing multiple props. Just enter the player's names and set their props. Then simply input the flops as you play each hand. Prop bets: 10 of the craziest in the history of poker | Paul Part 2 of the 10 craziest prop bets in the history of poker. From Paul Ivey to Dan Bilzerian, Paul Phua picks out 10 favourites

Because at other casinos the dealers are the FORCED prop players and must sit in on a short table with their own money. It's kinda hard for the dealers to ever win, do you really want to beat a player that's gonna be tipping you in 15 min when you are back dealing? So it was a double win for the casino having prop players.

Much of the drama encountered at the Casino Championship often involves informal rivaliries between dealers and proposition players. Proposition players are people hired to play poker, with their own money, at casinos to get games started or to ensure that they do not die out. Final Agenda 10-22-15 - California Gambling Control Commission